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Will Pressure Washing Damage Concrete?

Published On:  November 10, 2020
Published On : November 10, 2020

Will Pressure Washing Damage Concrete?

Can You Pressure Wash Concrete Yourself?

It is very possible to cause damage to concrete using do it yourself methods.  The damage can occur in different ways, most often the visible damage is called pitting.  Mortar between bricks can also be damaged by improper pressure washing methods.  Joint sand can be removed from between paving stones.  LInes from the high pressure water jets can etch lines into the concrete.  Holding the pressure washer too close to the surface can cause cracks or pits in the concrete and will eventually cause surface degradation.  

Even light duty pressure washers can cause damage to concrete surfaces.  Damage can be irreversible.  There are many variables that can contribute to degrading a concrete driveway or sidewalk.  It might be pressure washing one section too long, or the nozzle might not be the correct one for the type of surface being cleaned.  Calling a company that is trained in the proper cleaning techniques will be a great decision.  Charlottesville Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Pro’s will be able to pressure wash any of your concrete surfaces quickly and efficiently, utilizing the best method for the type of surface you need cleaned.  We can make your driveway or sidewalks look like new.

Many people have the mistaken belief that concrete is so hard and dense it is almost impossible to do any damage to it.  Concrete actually can absorb chemicals, oil, and water.  This can cause the concrete to break down because the surface has been softened.  Cleaning concrete surfaces regularly will help prevent this dilemma.  

Which Surfaces Benefit From Pressure Washing?

Take a short walk around your home and outbuildings to assess which areas would benefit from a thorough pressure washing. 

  • Porches on the Front or Back of Your Home
  • Brick Patios
  • Swimming Pool Surrounds
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks With Kid Damage
  • Dog Kennels
  • Areas in and Around Barns or Sheds
  • Concrete Shop Floors
  • Pool Houses
  • Driveway Approaches

Why Should You Have Your Concrete Pressure Washed?

It is of vital importance to have your concrete pressure washed regularly.  Motor oil can be spilled on your driveway, along with automotive fluids.  Lawn care products and fertilizers can help discolor and damage your concrete. They are very corrosive products and can break down concrete.   Periodic pressure washing restores the attractive appeal of your home and makes you feel good about coming home.

Biological materials such as moss, mildew, algae, and mold can also be a force working against your concrete.  They work their way down into the pores of concrete.  Next, they grow and grow.  As they grow, they spread which causes degrading of your concrete.  

Fine dirt, sand and silt can all blow onto concrete and settle into it.  This will also eat away at concrete the longer it remains there. 

It is a great idea to have trained professionals do your pressure washing.  They know the correct nozzle to use for the job.  Powerful pressure washing with too much PSI can cause etching and unsightly damage to your concrete.  Different cleaning agents can be used for different types of stains.  What is meant for rust, may not work the same for removing graffiti or motor oil stains.  

If you notice a tired, dirty look to your driveway and sidewalks, you may think you will just have to live with it.  Think again.  A thorough pressure washing done by the team of experienced professionals from Charlottesville Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Pro’s may surprise you.  Instead of your surfaces being permanently faded and discolored, they may have only needed to be cleaned.  They will utilize the proper detergents, nozzles and power washing equipment for the concrete surfaces you need revitalized.  

Maintaining Your Concrete Surfaces

Whether your property is commercial or residential, maintaining your concrete surfaces improves curb appeal and exudes an inviting, attractive look.  Choose to have professionals maintain concrete surfaces of all kinds.  A garden hose just isn’t going to work for this!  Grime build-up and stains from all manner of lawn chemicals and everyday wear and tear is more than a Saturday afternoon do it yourself project.  A pressure washing job done correctly will help prolong the life of your concrete and is an excellent way to increase curb appeal.  Don’t wait too long to have stains and other contaminants removed.  Regular cleaning will increase the longevity of your concrete.  It will remove moss and mildew which can be causing insidious damage without you being aware of it. Make the decision to have your concrete cleaned today and enjoy your healthy, attractive concrete.   

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