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What Is The Best Way To Get Moss Off A Roof?

Published On:  November 10, 2020
Published On : November 10, 2020

What Is The Best Way To Get Moss Off A Roof?

Is It Bad To Have Moss Growing On Your Roof?

A green, moss covered roof may look like something quaint and rustic coming to life out of the pages of a storybook.  Unfortunately, moss on your roof can severely damage the structural integrity of the roof on your home or business.  If moss is left to its own, it can cause almost any roofing material to disintegrate.  Of course, this will drastically shorten the lifespan of your roof.  

Moss must be peeled away, and there may be a residue of dirt or moisture left behind from the moss.  Moss can be difficult to eradicate.  Trust the highly experienced technicians from Charlottesville Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Pro’s to remove moss from your roof.  They can do it safely and efficiently.  

Can Removing Moss Cause Damage To Your Roof?

Moss removal is best left to the roof cleaning professionals.  High powered water jets can cause damage to shingles or other roofing materials.  It can also remove the shingle granules that protect the roof.  Moss can be a nightmare, ask for help from the professionals.  

Also keep in mind that removing moss from your roof yourself, can involve dangerous ladders and wet, slippery roof materials.  Experienced technicians use the safest methods and equipment, reducing the risk of personal injury.  

How Does Moss Damage Your Roof?

Moss soaks up moisture from a damp environment.  Roots begin to grow, which can cause the roofing components to begin to break down.  These roots can raise the shingles.  Constant moisture leads to mold growth.  When moss is left untreated, it can drastically shorten the lifespan of the roof of your home or business.  Moss is difficult to fully eradicate.  It can lead to holes in your roof which may be extremely costly to repair.  Moss growth can also interfere with the proper drainage of rain water off your roof.  When patches of moss are allowed to remain on your roof, it captures the water that should be draining off your roof.  In the winter, this water can freeze and thaw.  Of course, this can cause harm to your roof also.  

Moss often occurs on the north side of a roof where there is less sunlight, or in the shade of an overhanging tree. Overhanging branches also increases the chance of debri and leaves dropping on your roof, which helps feed moss.  If you live in a humid climate, moss may be alive and well on your roof.  Moss thrives in a damp, shady environment.  

When Should You Have Moss Removed From Your Roof?

Moss grows the best during fall rains, mild winters and the first months of spring.  It grows very little during the summer months.  Optimal timing for treating moss is during its growth periods.  Just before the fall rains is a great time to clean moss off your roof.  

Removing moss should be done on a regular basis.  This will keep your roof in tip-top condition, maintain curb appeal and keep your home weather tight.  No one wants to wake up after a thunderstorm and realize that the roof has been leaking all night. 

Is Cleaning Moss Off Your Roof A Handyman Project?

Keep in mind that most homeowners do not own the special equipment which is best for cleaning moss off a roof.  Ladders can be dangerous.  Charlottesville Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Pro’s have the expertise needed to safely clean moss off your roof.  Anchors and safety harnesses should be used by anyone attempting to navigate a roof which can be wet and slippery.  Taking risks with your safety is never worth it.  

A roof specialist will be aware of any other damage to your roof and may be able to catch it in the early stages.  If there is damage to shingles or tiles which goes undetected for too long, serious damage to your roof may occur.  Moss left unchecked can also lift the edges of your shingles.  This in turn makes them more susceptible to blowing off in a storm. Let us inspect your roof.  

Brushing and scrubbing moss off the roof yourself, can be too tough for your roofing material. This method can remove the roofing granules and shingles are exposed to sunlight, rain, snow and hail.  Roofing can then fail sooner than expected, and the warranty may not cover damage from someone other than a roof cleaning professional.  We offer the best method for your roof.

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